Blue Diamond Tour


Tour through The Blue Diamond

The tour that gives you a better sense of what Iceland is all about and experiencing some of the most beautiful and energetic areas of the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The tour starts by driving from Reykjanesbær through the town of Garður and stop by the Garðskaga lighthouse and explore the area, continuing through the small fishing village of Sandgerði and on to Hvalsneskirkja.

It has a bit of a unique look and is one of the few churches in Iceland built of stones from the lava field nearby. Next stop is at the Stafnesviti-lighthouse where you can walk to the lighthouse and explore the area along the coastline.

From there we head towards the bridge between the two continents. The tour then continues to the Reykjanes Lighthouse to walk around the area and on to Valahnjúkur for oceanic view and There the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes ashore.

At this location it is literally possible to see the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rise out of the sea. . The famous geothermal area Gunnuhver where the hot steam and mud comes boiling up from the earth is our next stop and from there we drive by the coastal line towards Grindavík.

19.900 ISK per adult